Newport Brass Showerhead Brand History

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Newport Brass is one of the outstanding brands that offer a wide range of showerhead products on It is the customers’ preferred choice because of the high quality products it offers to its esteemed customers. Newport Brass began to develop its designs of showerheads after its establishment in 1987. Initially, the Newport Brass showerheads consisted of a nozzle covered with a round face with little holes on it. Depending on the shape and size of the holes and water pressure, the shower sprayed the user with water with varying force and degree. Over time, Newport Brass has improved the quality of its showerheads by incorporating a variety of features and considerations to enhance its functioning. Evidently, the Newport Brass Showerheads are of high quality, crafted with artistic features and design with a sense of style. These showerhead products are characterized by a varying decorative trim and craftsmanship making them the customers’ favorite in the market. Furthermore, the showerhead brand Newport Brass meets the water efficiency standards and comply with the AB1953 regulations and guidelines. In that regard, its showerheads are defined by:

Quality that complements the customer’s lifestyle Diverse collections of showerheads and accessory products Unique designs with traditional and modern styles

Combinations of designs to achieve the customer’s aspirations among others Multifunction Showerheads Features

These are innovative shower solutions that are designed to suit the customers’ wholesome need for a complete shower experience. The showerheads are designed to provide a luxurious bath with spa experiences. The showerheads features have various attributes which include

  • about five to eight spray modes,
  • intense turbo,
  • full massage and
  • two combinations

The spray channel of the majority of these showerheads has a rubit cleaning system for easy self cleaning. The design traditionally complements a variety of bathroom decor. Despite these defining characteristics, the various multifunctional showerhead Brand Newport Brass differ due to their unique features and functionalities as discussed below

5-spray 6 in traditional Showerhead in Forever Brass

This is a single type of showerhead has its own unique specifications compared to another type. For instance, it has a massage full spray pattern with a self cleaning nozzle. It is 6 inches in diameter and A inches IPS. It is fully solid brass construction and available in 27 finishes. It has a maximum flow rate of 7.6 litres per minute. It also has a connection size of A inch, and a product depth of 3 inches. The face diameter of the showerhead is 2.5 inches. Its finish colour is Forever Brass-PVD.

Moen s6320 velocity shower head

This is an 8 inches spray head that can deliver a maximum water flow rate of 2.5 gpm. Its alternative with a water sense certificate has a maximum flow of about 2.0gpm. It is a two functions showerhead which can give a self pressurized spray or a calming rain rinse. The functioning is simply changed by flipping the lever. It has an immersion technology feature designed to magnify and concentrate the water force giving an enhanced showering experience. The showerhead comes in a chrome finish guaranteed to last for a long time without corroding, tarnishing or flaking.

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