100% of every sponsorship dollar raised supports Bermudian Registered Charities.

Teams are asked to drum up support from friends and family on behalf of our supporting charities and in return; these charitable funds will equate into points, one point for every dollar raised and then added to the teams’ overall ‘Challenge Points’ total.  Proceeds raised by participating teams will be donated to the below charities who help fulfil the community’s needs and also make the Bermuda Triple Challenge possible by volunteering at each of the challenges.

2018 Charities

The Reading Clinic (Registered Charity #126) – promotes literacy and numeracy in Bermuda. We provide assessments, tutoring and related interventions for children with dyslexia and learning difficulties. Through family and school consultations, referrals and advocacy, and by professional development, we foster the use of research-based practices to empower individuals who learn differently.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Bermuda (Registered Charity #540) – Ages 14 to 25. The programme fosters personal growth and delivers on teaching motivation, commitment, leadership, team-work, self-discovery, and achievement of one’s full potential through participation in challenging and non-competitive activities of community service, personal skills, physical recreation and adventurous journeys.

SCARS (Registered Charity #922) – is a registered charity whose mission is to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse and to be an advocate and voice for children who have been sexually molested, as well as their affected family.

The Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies (Registered Charity #440) – Providing opportunities for Bermudian students to gain the education and training necessary to enter the insurance sector. This is being achieved through BFIS Scholarships, BFIS Mentor Networking, BFIS Intro-to-insurance summer intern program, career guidance, and job search.

WindReach Bermuda (Registered Charity #92) – offers a variety of therapeutic and educational experiences for people with physical and intellectual challenges as well as those living with mental health conditions.

The Learning Disabilities Association of Bermuda (Registered Charity #397) – Increasing knowledge and raising awareness of learning differences/disabilities in the community and abroad. Providing access to and education on all available resources and providing support to individuals and families.