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Registration closes Wednesday, March 14, 2017

Pricing for any one challenge


$80 ($20 donated to charity)

Teams of 2

$120 ($20 donated to charity)

Teams of 3

$180 ($30 donated to charity)

Teams of 4

$240 ($40 donated to charity)

Junior Team of 4

$160 ($40 donated to charity)

Pricing for Bermuda Triple challenge (All 3 races)


$200 ($60 donated to charity)

Teams of 2

$300 ($60 donated to charity)

Teams of 3

$450 ($90 donated to charity)

Teams of 4

$600 ($120 donated to charity)

Junior Team of 4

$330 ($120 donated to charity)

Bermuda Triple Challenge Format – How It Works

Team Division

Teams of 2, 3 & 4 compete against one another for the Bermuda Triple Challenge $1,000 Grand Prize, based on BTC points. BTC Points are earned from completing each day’s challenge, as well as raising charitable donations/sponsorship. The quicker a team completes the course, the more points they receive and there’s one point for every $1 of charitable funds raised.

Teammates are encouraged to help one another complete the obstacles and courses in the quickest times possible. If a team wishes to bypass any of the obstacles, they can opt for an alternative physical challenge; superman burpees!

All the points from the weekend are then aggregated to determine the highest scoring team.

Individuals Division

Individuals compete for the top prize based on the quickest cumulative time from the Bermuda Triple Challenge Weekend. To be eligible for prizes participants must complete the Bermuda Triple Challenge. Individuals may not skip obstacles. If the obstacle cannot be completed, penalty burpees will be assessed. Two laps of Saturday’s 5Km Sun Life Island Challenge course is mandatory.

The top 3 male and female Individuals qualify for the 2018 OCR World Championships. See OCR World Championship website for full details.

Individuals are also still eligible for the Bermuda Triple Challenge’s $1,000 Grand Prize via Bermuda Triple Challenge Points and their fund raising efforts.

Race Prep

Pre-Race Number & T-Shirt Pick-Up

Waiver Form & Charitable Funds Drop Off

  • Washington Mall – Phase III / 1st Floor at the bottom of the stairs near Beluga Bar – Thursday, March 15th 11:30am – 2:00pm
  • T-Shirts are given out on a ‘First Come, First Served basis’, so take advantage of the Thursday’s pre-race drop-off
  • A last chance waiver form and charitable fund drop off is also available before each challenge. See the marked desk. Each participant MUST sign the waiver before they are allowed to enter the starting area.
  • Companies matching donations will count towards your team’s fundraising total. The pledge form must include the company’s cheque or a signed letter of commitment on company letterhead.
  • On-line donations towards your favorite team can be made at Raceday World or via pledge form.
  • Cut-off for donations to be consider towards teams’ charitable fundraising total will be the start of Sunday’s Chubb Royal Challenge.

Bermuda Triple Challenge Rule Book Here

Each participant is required to sign the Waiver of Liability prior to starting the event.

See the Sign-In/Number Pick Up desk prior to the start. Once the waiver is signed each participant will receive a wrist band which must be worn prior to the start and through-out the weekend.

The Waiver encompasses all three challenges and only needs to be signed once. The wrist band identifies who has signed the waiver of liability. If you need a replacement wrist band, see the registration desk prior to the start and resign the waiver.